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Snooze takes breakfast to the next level with their inventive pancake of the day, crazy pancake combinations, stuffed french toast, and unique Benedict options. Going to Snooze causes a constant struggle…typically when out to breakfast I go with the savory options but Snooze makes such fun and delicious sweet options, I am always torn between the two! Luckily, many of the people I go with have the same dilemma and so we share both πŸ™‚

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I am a huge sharer which I definitely get from my mom. I love to try everything so it is always difficult when I have to pick just ONE thing on the menu! Whoever I date and eventually marry must have this same quality or else we may have some problems πŸ™‚ My mom took me to Snooze on my birthday and we shared the Velvet Elvis Pancakes and the Shrimp ‘n Grits Benny.

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Velvet Elvis Pancakes

The Velvet Elvis Pancakes were red velvet pancakes topped with peanut butter-cream cheese frosting, bacon maple syrup, fresh bananas and chopped nuts. I couldn’t resist ordering this because it had two of my favorite spreads: peanut butter and cream cheese! The pancakes were delicious! And even though the toppings sound a little heavy, it was surprisingly light.

 photo P6181125_2_zps9b058241.jpg

Other sweet options I have enjoyed are the s’mores french toast and the sweet potato pancakes with homemade caramel, pecans and ginger butter. The menu constantly has new items so there is always something different to try!

 photo PC165935_zpse0da4923.jpg

The Chilaquiles Benedict with barbacoa beef over a stack of ranchero sauced tortillas and melted cheese with poached eggs, smoke cheddar hollandaise, and pico de gallo is my favorite Benedict thus far. However, since I like to always try new things I have also had the Bella! Bella! Benny and Shrimp n’ Grits Benny.

 photo P6181104_zps393c9768.jpg

Shrimp n’ Grits Benny

The Bella! Bella! Benny has thin slices of prosciutto, Taleggio cheese, and poached eggs on toasted bread with cream cheese hollandaise, balsamic glaze and arugula. This one has good flavor but I am not a fan of crunchy bread. Then the Shrimp n’ Grits Benny was good but could of had more shrimp. The house hash browns that are served on the side are very good. I love them with ketchup and hot sauce πŸ™‚

 photo PC165937_zpse6fd2644.jpg

Bella! Bella! Benny

We all enjoyed our food! Even little Ramona Moon was happy except she really just wanted the frosting off the pancakes πŸ™‚

Note: There are locations in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, and San Diego. On weekends the wait can be up to 2 hours. During the week, typically there is still a 15-30 minute wait.

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Music For Your Ears:

~Grow Up and Blow Away by Metric

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32 responses to “Snooze Eatery

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  2. I have been trying to make it to Snooze for months now! I live close to the Boulder one and I should just make my husband go one day (after the kids are back in school, of course) I think it’s the whole waiting thing putting me off! I hate to wait for breakfast. I tried Tangerine in Boulder, that was pretty awesome. Their flank steak was fab.
    Let you know when I finally get there πŸ™‚


  3. They certainly serve breakfast with a character. I love all that you picked. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚ And I always love the songs you’ve picked too!

  4. I haven’t been a fan of Snooze, until pretty recently. Their food, I feel, has gotten better, along with their service. I still prefer other breakfast places over them though. Syrup, Toast, and Breakfast Queen on Broadway are all great breakfast options.

    • Ya, it is funny I feel that everyone has a strong opinion one way or the other for Snooze. But I think it is based off of what type of breakfast you like. I really like their pancakes but not everyone likes fancy pancakes so then they may not like snooze. I honestly haven’t explored the whole menu because I stick to either eggs Benedict or pancakes lol. I have never had a problem with their service but I can understand how that can leave a bad taste. Thanks!

  5. Wow! what a hearty breakfast that was! I don’t think I’d need to eat for the rest of the day after eating there. Looks great!

  6. wow–inventive for sure. And better yet, it looks like they’re made with love and the folks putting stuff out there really care. What a great spot! I’m with you on the sharing–get to try more things that way. AND lol, I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at those pictures. I envy you your Snooze πŸ™‚

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