Great Divide Turns 19

It is funny I am publishing this today because in fact, it is my birthday but I am not turning 19 this time πŸ™‚ This past weekend there was another great beer event! Can an event be anything short of amazing when craft beer, gorgeous weather, and the Yeti are involved?!

 photo 98d35981-26ad-4030-a34f-be6e727d6a33_zpsdbed88fd.jpg

Great Divide Brewing Company celebrated their 19th anniversary on Saturday and threw a big party for all of us! They opened up the brewhouse, tap room, patio and closed down the street to allow us to taste all their great beers while munching on some food truck grub and dancing to our heart’s content.

 photo 5195cfb1-89aa-4c40-80d1-aec3326e517f_zpsecdd8268.jpg

 photo 6639f2e1-b4f7-4061-8324-2580c38d360e_zpse16b867e.jpg

 photo P6151074_zps76cb6128.jpg

From all the variations of the Yeti and barrel aged wonders to the year round favorites like Titan IPA and Hoss Rye Lager, there was something for everyone. It was “difficult” to taste everything because I was torn with drinking all the ones I love and the unique creations like The Peach Grand Cru, Rhine & Heart American Sour, and Leipziger Gose…Great Divide is just too good at making beer! πŸ˜€

 photo P6151045_zps33ecba89.jpg

Basic Kneads was my food truck of choice and it was not a wrong decision! The Sweet Thai Chili Pizza was incredible! It hit the spot πŸ˜€

 photo P6151038_zpsfb6aea4e.jpg

To read more about this event check out the review by Denver Off the Wagon

 photo P6151034_zpsc652dde5.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~Pants Off Dance Off by A. Tom Collins

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33 responses to “Great Divide Turns 19

    • ha ha thanks Liz. I really love the pizza…like it might be a top favorite! And it is wood fired in a food truck! How do they do it?! πŸ™‚

  1. Happy Birthdaaaaaaay Lilly Sue! Ah, I love your posts. They always make me feel like the world is an awesome place (probably cos you’re so awesome, yes indeed!). So glad you had a beautiful day xx

  2. First of all: Hoppy Birthday!
    I was holding a bottle of GD’s 19th Anniversary Ale in my hands literally 45 minutes ago but passed because I was looking to stock up for BYOCB night at a local Asian restaurant and that particular beer probably wouldn’t play nice with the Asian spices. I am intrigued and look forward to trying it. I did pick up another Colorado brew for tonight’s festivities – Boulder Hoopla. Not a special beer by any means but it’ll pair solidly with some fiery dan dan noodles!


    • Thank you!! That sounds like a fun thing to do. So I actually had the 19th anniversary ale with some spring rolls dipped in a pineapple ginger sauce- I loved this pairing! The sauce really balanced the ale because it is a boozey one!

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