On an Adventure

Many apologies for going MIA for a couple weeks. I have been “busy” with fun summer activities and have desired the outdoors more than sitting in front of my computer 🙂 I also had a week long hiking adventure where I was up early to climb mountains and to bed early at night. For some of you that have been following me on facebook or twitter, you have seen my activities but here is a little recap…

Day 1- Mount Evans (14,264′)

 photo P6050688_zpsc830b587.jpg

Yes, this is the one 14er that you can drive to the top…but that would be cheating if I said I “climbed” it 🙂

 photo P6050682_zps9b9d1ab7.jpg

There are a few different starting points for hiking Mount Evans. We wanted to take the trail from Summit Lake but the snow on the trail was too deep (Mount Evans had only recently opened). We ended up just hiking up the road but luckily it wasn’t overly crowded with vehicles yet.

 photo P6050689_zpse28871c8.jpg

I am always a Happy Camper (Santa Fe Brewing) to reach the top 😀

 photo P6050700_zps8517b446.jpg

Day 2- Mount Shavano (14,229′)

The first attempt to hike Mount Shavano was unsuccessful…as we were almost out of treeline a storm rolled in. It was starting to lightning and snow blew in. We tried to wait a little while to see if it would blow over but it seemed like we were completely surrounded by storm clouds so we headed back down.

 photo P6070752_zps4eef728d.jpg

Day 3- Mount Yale (14,196′)

Mount Yale photo P6070772_zps4d1ee0bf.jpg

Mount Yale had a very nice trail all the way to the top. However, due to snow/ice in some parts, there was confusion on the path. In one area, you just had to try and follow tracks in the snow but even that led us astray a few times.

Mount Yale photo P6070784_zps5da0b72c.jpg

Then as we approached the top, ridiculously high winds came up. Instead of walking along the ridge where it seemed the wind would blow you off the mountain, we chose to climb along the side.

Mount Yale photo P6080792_zpsfe7f1f28.jpg

We only stayed on top of the peak long enough to take a picture. My feet and hands were pretty numb at this point and I was ready to get down and out of the wind!

 photo P6080789_zpsa502f084.jpg

Boohai Red Ale from Crazy Mountain Brewery at the top of Mount Shavano.

Mount Yale photo P6080798_zps9f2aa39e.jpg

After returning to Buena Vista we celebrated at Eddyline Brewery.

Day 4- Rest Day at Elevation Beer Co.

Elevation Beer Company is in Poncha Springs which was only about 30 minutes from where we were staying in Buena Vista. There will be a full review coming soon!

 photo P6131017_zpsbdb9607b.jpg

Day 5- Mount Princeton (14,197′)

 photo P6090873_zps7779381a.jpg

Mount Princeton was well marked for most of the hike but you were climbing rocks for pretty much the whole trail. This can get very tiring on the way back…my legs just didn’t want to lift over another rock!

 photo P6090876_zpse8cacee2.jpg

My mom had been following slowly behind but reached the final stretch (still about an hour up) as we were just getting down from the peak. Since she had already made it that far she really wanted to finish and didn’t want to do it alone…so I headed up to the peak for the second time! Not sure how I made it.

 photo P6100901_zps8856baa8.jpg

Canker Yanker IPA from Eddyline Brewing at the top of Mount Princeton.

 photo P6100891_zps46b19880.jpg photo P6100882_zpse6f91934.jpg

Day 6- Mount Belford and Oxford (14,197′ and 14,153′)

Mount Belford photo P6100925_zps87b2e1e0.jpg

This double peak made for a long and exhausting day! It had one of the nicest trails but with high winds almost the whole time, I was drained. Not only does wind give a larger beating on your body but it really tests your mental strength.

Mount Belford photo P6100934_zps32f5f5eb.jpg

Representing Wild Woods Brewery!

Mount Belford photo P6100936_zps6fe8be4a.jpg

Day 7- Rest Day at the Hot Springs

We went to the Cottonwood Hot Springs to soak our sore bodies. This was my rest day so no pictures! 🙂

Day 8- Mount Shavano (14,229′)

 photo P6120971_zpsecf603ac.jpg

Second attempt to reach Mount Shavano was successful!! We left really early for this one to make sure we did not run into any storms. We also wanted to do a double with Tabegauche Peak so that we could reach our 7 14er goal but we did not succeed at that. We started to hike that way but after going a little ways we saw a lot of snow along the ridge and thought it would be tough. We were also very tired since this was our last day of our week long hiking adventure.

 photo P6120982_zps3e93fc17.jpg

Pale Ale from Upslope Brewing Company at the top of Mount Shavano.

 photo P6120975_zps29854f18.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~Real Life by Tanlines

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25 responses to “On an Adventure

  1. Not many people can say they’ve been enjoying a brew after a hike up a mountain.

  2. I love the way you celebrate beers and beverages like that under any given circumstances 🙂 And good to your all-smile photos.
    Fun post. Loved it.

    • ha ha thanks so much! It seems like I drink more than I do! Honestly, I just always post about my beers 🙂 Thanks so much for reading 🙂

    • Thank Andi! On 14ers you never know what kind of weather to expect…you may be sweating and down to shorts and t-shirt and then layering up with gloves and hats as you get higher 🙂

  3. Breathtaking! (Figuratively — and literally, for you!) That sky is so beautiful, and I’m impressed with your strength and your appreciation of all this loveliness (that blue sky is amazing!). Time away from the computer is good for the soul, and this trip looks especially refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

    • It really was a great trip…not only do I love the physical activity and the amazing outdoors but it is a lot of time to yourself in a way. You are hiking for 7-9 hours a day and you are so out of breath you can’t talk. You are just silent and in your own thoughts…it really is an amazing thing 🙂 It is so breathtaking!

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