Cheese and Sweets with Beer

Typically my blogging for the Crafty Ladies Beer Club remains on their blog but last month’s event was a great representation of pairing food with beer. We had the pleasure of having Goose Island share their beer and suggested food pairings. It was a great event that stimulated the senses to provide a better understanding of all the complex flavors involved in a beer.

Check out the write up here. Even if Goose Island beer is not available to you, knowing the different styles that can be paired with certain foods helps you create your own little food and beer pairing 🙂

 photo P5210564_zps64d9d42a.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~Wagon Wheel by the Old Crow Medicine Show

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12 responses to “Cheese and Sweets with Beer

  1. Goose Island Brewery is where my husband and I went on our first official date, I told him about your post and we were thrilled ot learn they opened a brewery out here. Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh how sweet!! 🙂 They didn’t open a brewery here but with the Crafty ladies beer club we have brewery reps come and let us taste the beer. So we just had their local distributor come and talk about the beer. I know you can get it at some CO liquor stores though.

      • Darn! He picked up some of their beer at our local liquor store and the label of one shows that it was brewed in Fort Collins… we had hoped it would have been a good field trip!

    • I want to go!! That will be a fun show. They are coming to Boulder but tickets sold out in like 30 minutes. We may just go have a picnic nearby in the field where we should be able to hear it. I hope it was awesome!!

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