South Denver Beer Fest

This past weekend was the South Denver Beer Festival at Clement Park in Littleton. Though it was a little bit of a drive from downtown Denver it was set at a nice park. The festival was spread out and did not feel too crowded. If the weather was just a little warmer it would have been perfect!

 photo 15d97adb-9fd1-4503-8672-2eab79d12017_zpse7e8f19b.jpg

As you know, we got to represent Wild Woods! It was the first beer festival for Wild Woods so we got to spread the word of this new brewery. On Saturday we poured the Ponderosa Porter and the Wildflower Pale Ale. Many people commented on the uniqueness of the porter with its unusually lighter body and how the pale ale was easy to drink. On Sunday we switched out the Wildflower Pale Ale with the Campfire Red. People enjoyed the subtle smokiness in this light red ale.

 photo theteam_zps2746b756.jpg

If you were lucky enough to enjoy the cheese and beer pairing presentation put on by Andy Sparhawk from the Brewers Association, you also got to pair Wild Woods S’mores Stout with Avalanche Cheese Midnight Blue. The Avalanche Cheese Company also sampled their Goat Cheddar and Cabra Blanca. The Cabra Blanca was my favorite!

 photo IMAG0024_zps7d9d406d.jpg

 photo IMAG0025_zps5f2da39c.jpg

There was a VIP section where local distilleries, cheese (from MouCo and Avalanche Cheese) and chocolate producers shared samples. I loved the Ashley and the Trufello from MouCo…YUMMM! The U.K. 5 Vodka was a memorable vodka. I can’t speak much about it except that it had ridiculous flavor and would be amazing in a dirty martini 😀

 photo IMAG0011_zps459dc5c3.jpg

Many breweries came out to share their tasty brews. Since I was volunteering I did not have the time to write about all of them but I wanted to mention some of the ones that stuck out: American Sour Ale with Raspberries (Loveland Aleworks), Canniption Pale Ale (West Flanders), 8 Second Kolsch (Elevation), Watermelon Kolsch-Style Ale (Fate Brewing), and Organic Chocolate Stout (Samuel Smith).

 photo IMAG0028_zps5deef5d2.jpg

Black Bottle Brewery

I hope everyone had a great Cinco De Mayo! Cheers!

 photo IMAG0035_zps2bf6f46a.jpg

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25 responses to “South Denver Beer Fest

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  2. Those bad ass pants are freaking hilarious! Especially the mutt version!!! Love this post. Wish that we could get more US beers and spirits over here! xx

  3. Glad you survived your crazy weekend. Looks like great fun. I love that cheese and beer is being recognized as a legit pairing. And s’more stout sounds amazing!!! Appreciate you covering the Denver beer scene for us out-of-staters 😉

    • ha ha so glad of your appreciation, Liz 😀 I hope I don’t make you too jealous! 😉 I love that cheese and beer is being recognized as well…so awesome!

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