Bomber Friday: Avatar Jasmine IPA

It’s Friday, so grab your favorite six-pack on the way home from work or enjoy a new beer. Bombers are 22 fl oz bottles of beer that often contain a brewery’s elite or unique concoction. Like a good bottle of wine, they are great for sharing and sipping 🙂 Stay tuned for periodic blasts of bomber Fridays.

 photo P4059333_zps71ac3d3c.jpg

The Avatar Jasmine India Pale Ale is a an American twist on the IPA. Evident by its name, this beer is brewed with Jasmine flowers. The floral essence gives a very prominent sweetness that almost overpowers the hops leaving little bitterness (low IBU) to taste. It’s not an everyday, easy drinking beer for me but it is great for pairing with food. Elysian Brewing (Seattle, Washington) brews this ale so check them out to find their beer near you.

 photo P4059336_zps828b7ef8.jpg

Pairs well with: Thai food, red-pepper hummus, and other spicy food. Try it with this Spicy Peanut Sauce.

 photo P4059357_zps0aba26f3.jpg

A mug or pint glass is perfect for serving an IPA…chill some in the freezer so they’re ready when you get home 😀

Beer Glass Types: For more detailed information check out Craft Beer Academy.

 photo therightglass_zps9bdc31ec.png

Music For Your Ears:

~White Walls by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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16 responses to “Bomber Friday: Avatar Jasmine IPA

  1. I love all of the beer reviews that you do on your blog! I’m not into the IPAs, they are too bitter tasting for me, but my boyfriend loves IPAs.

    One of my favorite beers to drink right now is UFO White from Harpoon Brewery. It’s delicious!

    • ha ha no worries! Many people are not but I also find there are a lot of beers that people haven’t been exposed to and it might just be their cup of tea 🙂 Thanks Brittany!

  2. I enjoy this beer when I’m looking for something different. It does to tend to be a love it or hate it beer though. It’s exceptional with most Asian cuisines. Traditional ipas can overpower a lot of the more delicate flavors. I wouldn’t serve it in a frozen mug. That ends to pickup off-flavors and aromas from the freezer that will throw the beer’s flavor off. I just give my glass a good rinse in cold water to rinse any soap residue or dust out and to chill it down!

  3. I also have never heard of a bomber, will have to check around and see if anyone I know has heard of it. In NYC they have 40’s but it is usually not very good beer IMHO. Have a great weekend.

    • ha ha yes 40s are not. I am sure your local liquor store would have some…but now I am curious if not all liquor stores sell bombers. Please let me know what you find out!

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