there’s beer in my ice cream

Liz over at Food For Fun has been so supportive of Lilly Sue’s Bites and Brews and I always love reading her nice comments and fun ideas. Liz shares a passion for beer and one of her recent posts she experimented with Beer and Ice Cream…MMM…what could be better? 😀

food for fun

You’ve read about Humphry Slocombe’s ice cream book here before. Foodforfun has also detailed the purchase of my new ice cream maker as well as the adventures that followed. Today I’ll further those adventures and offer up a tale of combining two rock-star consumables: beer and ice cream.

I’ve enjoyed mixing stout and other dark beers with vanilla ice cream as a float, both in restaurants and at home. The caramel, chocolate, and coffee notes in a dark beer play off the creamy, cold chill of vanilla ice cream to make a fantastically fun adult dessert. (Though don’t even think about combining ice cream with high-hop beers such as pale ales. This can only end with a “yuck” and subsequent dump down the drain.)

Always up for pushing the culinary envelope, I wondered what would happen if beer was an ice cream ingredient, rather than just a pour-over. HS…

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13 responses to “there’s beer in my ice cream

  1. thanks, Lilly Sue. Am honored 🙂 I’ll be watching this space for your beer pancake syrup as I’d be that’d make a great vanilla ice cream topping!

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