Gluten-Full to Gluten-Free

Many of my readers are gluten-full 🙂 eaters/drinkers, but I also have gluten-free readers and I know many of you have friends and family that don’t eat gluten. For those that gave gluten up later in life, you may still struggle with giving up beer 🙂 At least, that would be the hardest thing for me to let go!

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Of course, there is always wine and liquor that can still be enjoyed but there is something about a nice cold beer on a hot day that cannot be replaced 😀

Lots of bars now have cider beers and so there is somewhat of an alternative but cider is not beer. Most ciders taste too sweet to me though I have had some good ones, like GrassHOP-AH by the Colorado Cider Company, but there is still a big difference.

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New Planet and Estrella Damm Daura are two gluten-free beers that are pretty tasty but a while back my parents discovered Omission Beer. It actually tastes like beer!

Omission has figured out a way to brew beer with all the normal ingredients (yeast, malt, and hops) but then they use a proprietary process to remove the gluten. Samples from each batch of beer are sent out to a labratory for testing. Beer is not shipped out until tests are returned and their beer is always well below the 20 ppm, which is the international standard for gluten free.

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Omission currently brews a lager and a pale ale. The lager is light and refreshing while the pale ale has more hops. Of course, since I am a hophead, I am partial to the pale ale but both are great choices to satisfy that beer craving. Check out Omission to learn more and to see if it is at a location near you.

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Music For Your Ears:

~Healing Hands by Citizen Cope

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22 responses to “Gluten-Full to Gluten-Free

  1. I tried Dogfish Tweason’ale the other day. The I’m not sure about it, the strawberry was not all there and there was weird aftertaste of fiber. The search goes on…

    • Yes, and please do tell me how it turns out! I think it would provide different flavors than a dark beer but the lager might add a nice touch.

    • Do tell them! It is very interesting how beer plays a role in our really does= connect people and I understand how someone could feel left out if they don’t drink beer.

  2. I was listening to a nutritionist on talk back radio yesterday trying to help a beer lover who needed advice on gluten-free beer. Such a coincidence.

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