Ellie’s Brown Ale

Ellie’s Brown Ale by Avery Brewing is an amazing brown ale. A lot of brown ales can be kind of boring but not this one!! This is one of my favorite dark beers.

 photo P1106867_zps5727275c.jpg

This brown ale has deep, dark flavors. It is tasty and keeps you interested and wanting the next sip. Ellie, the chocolate lab of Adam Avery, President/Brewmaster, gets honored with this delicious brew. Let Ellie’s Brown Ale comfort you today 🙂

Food Pairings: Avery Brewing says it is best paired with roasted meats with a spicy/smoky flavor.

 photo P1106870_zpsae059dfc.jpg

It’s Friday so a grab a six-pack or head to your local brewery. Happy Friday!

“Laugh until your heart overflows” -Dove Chocolate 🙂

Music For Your Ears:

~Anything Could Happy by Ellie Goulding

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22 responses to “Ellie’s Brown Ale

  1. Have you heard of Certified Evil? (the brew, not a lifestyle or training program;-)) Was introduced to it as a “crossover beverage” and not really sure what that means. It was chocolate and deep warmth and nutty. But not even a little bit bitter (minimal hops?). Will see if I can shoot you a photo via your facebook. It’s label had the best copy I’ve ever seen as far as flavor description. Curious if you know of this “beer” already. Thanks for another great inform:-)

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