Rye Beer Macaroni and Cheese

Typically, when a bunch of people (and especially men) get together for the Super bowl, with snacks in arms reach, there are no leftovers. Surprisingly, this year’s super bowl party had lots of goodies…and I mean I ate too much!

 photo P2017627_zpsb1623e12.jpg

Though at first, I wasn’t excited to have to take home leftover rye beer cheese dip, I made a tasty meal out of it 🙂

 photo P2077644_zps9dd4739a.jpg

This macaroni and cheese was A-mazingly rich and delicious 🙂

Porch Drinking allowed me to do a guest post on their site so if you missed it, check out my Rye Beer Cheese Dip Recipe.

 photo P2077656_zpsd64e627d.jpg

Rye Beer Macaroni and Cheese

Rye Beer Cheese Dip
Elbow Macaroni

Instructions: Put the cheese dip in a skillet and turn it on medium heat. After being cold, the dip gets very thick. Let it heat up and then add milk (a tablespoon or more) to thin it. In the meantime, cook the elbow macaroni per the box instructions. Once this is complete and the sauce is to the desired consistency, combine them. I suggest drinking milk with it! The rye beer gives it a much stronger and rich flavor so a swig of milk balances it on the way down. Of course, a rye beer would also accompany it well 😀

Tip: If I were to make this again, specifically for macaroni and cheese, I would subtract the roasted bell pepper. I would also probably add fresh tomato at the end instead of cooking it in the cheese sauce 🙂

Music For Your Ears:

~People Help the People by Birdy

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21 responses to “Rye Beer Macaroni and Cheese

  1. I’m not very good at being creative with left-overs…this looks great! About to pop over and check out your guest post 🙂

  2. I love the rye beer and with mac & cheese.., double delicious!! Forget leftovers, I am making it strictly for a dip with crackers and beer. I love the idea from Brew Bites recipe link. I may leave the pepper in to wake people up 🙂

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