Take 2 and call us in the morning

The other day, my boyfriend was making fun of me as I spoke intensely about the book I just read: Headhunters by Jo Nesbo. There is something about thrillers that completely captivate me and for the week or so that it takes me to finish a book, I am fully committed. I am a part of the story: routing the good guy, gripping the book as the bad guy nears, and completely distraught when something goes bad between lovers.

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It is amazing how much a book gives life to each character and leads you on this unforeseen journey. Though I should be satisfied with my fully encompassed book, I still seek physical thrills. We are funny human beings and whether it is a little thrill or an extreme sport like sky diving, we all seek some kind of excitement.

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My adventure this winter is snowboarding and it involves a lot of bruises, aches and pain. At the end of each day, I wonder why I chose to hurt myself again but the rush you get as you shred snow down the mountain is amazing. I still cannot go down without falling but I am constantly improving and having a blast! And I can’t tell you what is more satisfying than enjoying a beer at the end of the day πŸ™‚

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Mama’s Little Yella Pils by Oskar Blues is the perfect beer at the bottom of the slope. Not only does it come in a can, but it is a tasty light beer. It is a refreshing pilsner with gentle hops.

A funny story about the name, is they started by calling it “Take 2 and call us in the morning” but it was shot down by the Food and Drug Administration because “it promoted drinking.” What??? A beer label promoted drinking? Weird… πŸ˜€

Music For Your Ears:
~Madness by Muse

Crafty Ladies

Crafty Ladies

Snowmelt Christmas Ale

Snowmelt Christmas Ale

Avery's Shrimp Pasta

Avery’s Shrimp Pasta

Bloody Billy

Bloody Billy


13 responses to “Take 2 and call us in the morning

  1. One of my favorite Pils. I’ve always wondered about the name (not near a computer), and now I know. And knowing is half the battle….GI Joe!

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