Bloody Billy

When my boyfriend came back into town after the holiday I surprised him with a new creation I had discovered…a Bloody Billy.


Both of us enjoy bloody Mary’s as well as what people around here call red beers. Typically that just means adding some tomato juice to a light beer to give it a little intrigue πŸ˜‰


When I visited Twisted Pine a couple weeks ago though they served a bloody billy in the taster flight. The bloody billy was their Billy’s Chilies with a splash of V8 juice. This was the perfect combination and the next best thing to red beer.


Billy’s Chilies is a light-bodied beer that is infused with five chili peppers: Serrano, jalapeno, habanero, Fresno, and Anaheim. It definitely has some heat to it so take the first sip (not gulp!) with caution. It’s light body and chili flavor make it perfect in combination with V8 juice. The two compliment each other making a great Sunday fun day drink πŸ˜‰


Of course my boyfriend was so excited about “my” new creation. We hadn’t thought of mixing a chili beer with tomato juice. He thought I had come up with something big but I can’t take credit for it though this drink can be twisted a few ways πŸ™‚


Making a Bloody Billy:

Rim a pint glass with salt and chili powder (to get it to stick you must dribble a little beer on a plate then roll the glass through it first)

Pour a bottle of Billy’s Chilies into the pint glass (you should have just enough room for the right amount of V8 juice but if not don’t pour the whole beer in)

Top the glass off with V8 juice. I used the black pepper V8 but the original will be great too. And if you want it a little extra spicy try with the spicy hot V8!

Garnish with stuffed olives, shrimp or anything else the heart desires πŸ™‚ I used jalapeno stuffed and garlic stuffed olives.


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14 responses to “Bloody Billy

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  2. That sounds awesome…I wonder what it would be like if you simmered some shrimp in the beer? I know you want to try cooking with beer this year!

    • It would be delicious! There are so many things I feel like I could do with this beer. I already simmered the chicken from the soup I made in it so the shrimp would be tasty too!

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