Snowmelt Christmas Ale

Snowmelt, malt, hops, abbey ale yeast, and holiday spices are what encompass this Christmas Ale. With snow that finally stuck and single digit temperatures this ale is best enjoyed by the fire with some cookies.


The Christmas Ale by Upslope Brewing Company is full of flavor that excites the mouth yet it is smooth all the way through. There is no lingering finish but your palette is left with a light delicate sweetness.

This ale is high in alcohol content but balanced so well that the taste buds won’t know.


The Upslope Christmas Ale comes in a 4 pack of 16 oz cans. It is a pricey beer but definitely tasty. Share it with someone or give it as a gift.


All the Christmas/Winter beers will be off the shelves soon so make sure you get them quick!

Stay tuned for more beers for Winter Beer Week.

Isolation Ale

Isolation Ale

Brown Shugga'

Brown Shugga’

Music for your ears:

~Man On Fire by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

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