Divine Chocolate and Wine

My lovely friend, Kara, came over a few days ago to share with me a port and chocolate.


This delicious dessert wine paired so well with dark chocolate. Not being a wine connoisseur, my friend walked me through the process. I started with a good sniff of this sweet wine and then followed with an initial taste. The wine alone was rich and very much a dessert on its own but the dark chocolate complimented it even more.


The port comes from Hermosa Vineyards in Palisade, Colorado near Grand Junction. I have yet to visit any of the vineyards in Colorado but eventually I will πŸ™‚


I always love the little notes that Dove Chocolates give you…on top of loving the chocolate!!


~Feel Your Sense of Anticipation~


Enjoy time with friends and family this holiday πŸ˜€

Listening to:
this is one of my favorite songs

~Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey

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6 responses to “Divine Chocolate and Wine

  1. port is lovely–fun to see that others enjoy it, too:-) Was recently at Dr. Chocolate Chocolate Chateau (posted my visit a week or so back) and we were served a small dish of ice cream drizzled with a lovely chocolate port. Yum! Happy holidays to you and yours. p.s. love the glass in your photos. So pretty.

    • That sounds delicious!! And thank you so much!! I will tell you a little secret..it is actually a beer glass πŸ™‚ It is specifically for some Belgian beers but I thought it worked as a good wine glass too πŸ˜€

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