Beer & Cupcakes

The Denver Beer Festivus started out well with a taster of the Mexican Chocolate Stout. Yes, it was much like Mexican hot chocolate but in beer form. The stout was brewed with three Mexican chili peppers and cinnamon and was inspired by a 500 year old Aztec recipe for Mexican hot chocolate. Feeling a little cold? This brew will heat your mouth! Dark and rich with a spicy finish, this beer would be great on a winter day.


Mexican Chocolate Stout

Copper Kettle Brewing Co. also had a High Country Breakfast Stout. Don’t let it catch you off guard, this is a strong brew! Aged in Breckenridge Distillery bourbon barrels, this rich imperial oatmeal stout was dark and complete with dark chocolate and coffee notes.


Grasshop-ah Cider

For our gluten-free friends, there were two ciders by Colorado Cider. Grasshop-ah, intriguing in its name, tasted like a light carbonated apple juice.

Hogshead Brewery recently opened in the Highlands and specializes in cask conditioned beers that replicate the British style. Gilpin Black Gold and Lake Lightening were on tap at the festival but to experience their true specialty you must visit the brewery. Expect a full review of this brewery soon.


Breckenridge Brewery was present with a few of its great brews. Pandora’s Bock is a seasonal beer starting in January that showcases the German-style bock beer. To learn more about bock beers click here.


Pandora’s Bock


Who would have thought that beer and cupcakes would be so great…or more like cupcakes made with beer? πŸ™‚ The Shoppe had a lovely display of cupcakes baked with beer.


The Beer Pretzel Cupcake made with the Vanilla Porter by Breckenridge was amazing. It was a chocolaty beer cake with a delicious vanilla beer cream cheese frosting topped with a chocolate preztel.


The S’mores cupcake was made with the Graham Cracker Porter by Denver Beer Company. Another tasty chocolate cupcake that was topped with chocolate marshmallow chip frosting and crushed graham cracker.


S’mores Cupcake with Graham Cracker Porter


Denver Beer Company

Strange Brewing Company brought a few of their great brews. I wasn’t able to try them all so I will be visiting their tap house soon!


I had to snap a photo of these impressive pretzel necklaces…


Great Divide had the not yet released Orabelle Belgian Style Tripel. Typically not a huge lover of Belgian beers but this was a great one. Great Divide will be releasing it to the public on January 1.


Orabelle Belgian Style Tripel

Stopping to pose for Westword photo crew…we made it into the slideshow (#63).


Showing up to Wit’s End just as they were freshly out of Ugly Sweater, I was only able to try the Green Man Ale. I will be visiting Wit’s End before the week is up to try the famous Ugly Sweater.


Now for this final beer…the moment you have all been waiting for (yet didn’t even know). Last but surely not least…Wynkoop Brewing showed up with a Gingerbread Stout. This cleverly and amazing brew had my friend begging the brewer to sale it at any price.


Literally, this beer tasted just like a buttery gingerbread cookie. This limited supply will only be on tap at Wynkoop this week. If you want to try this delicious and crafty beer that tastes like Christmas in a glass you must get there soon!!


Gingerbread Stout

As people became a little toasty, a dance floor formed and by the end everyone had their dancing shoes. The DJ was great, playing lots of fun classics.

~Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey


Had to add the beautiful City Hall lights!

Photobucket City Hall

Denver Beer Festivus was provided by Denver Off the Wagon and Imbibe

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31 responses to “Beer & Cupcakes

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      • mmm beer cupcakes, sound nommy! may I suggest calling them steincakes or pintcakes? They don’t need to be large but maybe stein or pint glass shaped, with the frosting as the head.

      • mmm beer cupcakes, sound nommy! May I suggest calling them steincakes or pintcakes? They don’t to be big, just stein or pint glass shaped, with the frosting as the foam.

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  4. How fun! So many uniques beers and bites. Until you mentioned it I forgot the whole gluten free and beer issue. I will have to keep those alternative ideas in mind when hosting next. Take care, BAM

    • Thanks Bam for commenting! Yes, since my dad has not been eating gluten for quite some time and I recently had a friend go off gluten I am always thinking about gluten-free options πŸ™‚

  5. So much fun!! I am craving S’mores Cupcakes with Graham Cracker Porter and beer pretzel cupcakes πŸ™‚

  6. Cupcakes made with beer!?!? Being a non-beer fan, I am pretty I sure I would like them, never had a bad cupcake yet! Looks like a fun time was had!

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