Beverages Duke It Out


Beer tasters at Ska Brewery

A recent article discussed the health of drinking a glass of wine compared to beer. I think common conception, including my own, has been that wine is “healthier.” Lots of people are counting calories so they may avoid beer when typically a light beer has roughly the same calorie count as a glass of wine. I have also mainly just heard how wine is good for the heart but never head of anything on beer.

Birthday Shots at the Rio

An article called “Drinking a glass of wine or beer,” found in Parade on November 11, first mentions that in general it has been found that moderate consumption of alcohol can be beneficial to your health. Some of the benefits the article lists are: heart disease, cholesterol levels, and cognitive function.


Great Divide

In regards to additional benefits though, beer provides the most 😀


Adventures in Ohio

Wine contains antioxidant resveratrol which apparently is a controversial issue but seems to have positive effects on your health. Before reading this article I had never heard of resveratrol so I can’t say much but after briefly looking into it, it seems to be inconclusive.


Picnic in the Park

Regardless, in the article it stated that more than a glass or two a day would need to be consumed to get enough of this antioxidant for it to be beneficial.


Margaritas at the Rio

On the other hand, compared to wine, beer contains more B vitamins and silicon which is associated with better bone health. The article also mentioned that “moderate beer consumption seems to lower the risk of kidney stones in men.”


Celebrating with Champagne

Celebrate! Apparently, my beer consumption hobby is giving me health benefits 😉

Note: the article listed “moderate consumption” several times 😀



Beer in Minneapolis

So I am totally a twilight fan, read all the books and saw all the movies in theater…but this video is hilarious! If you are looking for a laugh, watch the video below! Even if you haven’t seen twilight you will enjoy this 🙂

Laughing at:

A Bad Lip Reading of Twilight

For The Locals:

This Sunday Denver is having their first ever Bacon and Beer Festival! 🙂 Also, Saturday is the Santa Pub Crawl so there are lots of fun things to do this weekend!


Have a great weekend!!

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25 responses to “Beverages Duke It Out

    • ha ha it is actually this next weekend (I made a mistake in my post) and I am waitlisted for tickets!! I REALLY want to go! I will blog about it if I do! 🙂

  1. I don’t drink beer (I know!), I just never got used to the taste. But, I do love a glass of wine (or two)! Everything in moderation? That’s the key right. A Bacon and Beer festival!!! Have a great time!

  2. Omg that video is hilarious! Hahaaa I am such a Twilight fan too although I actually haven’t seen the latest one yet. Great article on health benefits of beer vs. wine–I’ve always wondered about the nutritional content of beer since you always hear about benefits from wine.

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