Fall Favorites


Red Hoptober

~New Belgium Brewing (Ft. Collins)

Red Hoptober is a great fall seasonal. It tastes of fall with its caramel malts and roasted barley.


It resembles fall leaves with its amber color and produces a nice thick and inviting head.


Fresh Hop

~Great Divide Brewing (Denver)

Fresh Hop is one of the Great Divide seasonal beers through the end of the year.


It is a pale ale. A hop aroma fills the air upon cap opening but the taste buds experience a smooth, delicate hop flavor.


4 Foodies Pumpkin Ale

~Left Hand Brewing

This may be one of the meanest things I could do as a blogger but I am posting about a beer that is no longer available 😦 This pumpkin ale was a limited tasty brew. It was part of the Halloween beer tour at Old Chicago but ran out before I could even get back for another taste.


Brewed with roasted caramelized pumpkins and selective spices, it provided a spicy fresh pumpkin ale. I hope Left Hand will make this an annual seasonal beer! 😀

Watch this short video on the collaboration involved in making this crafty beer.


~Uinta Brewing (Salt Lake City)

Based on availability, this was my favorite obtainable pumpkin beer that I tried. It had good pumpkin flavor that wasn’t artificial or too sweet. This pumpkin ale used a great combination of fresh pumpkins and spices.

Get your pumpkin quick!


Since the Broncos dominated yesterday… 😀


In case your draggin’ on this Monday, here is some dance music to get you moving:

~You Used to Hold Me by Calvin Harris

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