Dead Guy Ale

Everyone has heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but let’s be real…we are visual people and whether it is a good thing or not, we judge a lot based off of appearance.

BUT WAIT, before you stop reading because you are probably thinking Lilly Sue is getting all philosophical…really what I am alluding to is I choose my beer based off of the label!

Of course, for Halloween, I had to find something spooky.

Dead Guy Ale is by Rogue (Oregon). It is a Maibock German-style beer (see bock beers). It is the color of honey and releases a malty aroma upon opening. Those who don’t like hops (the sometimes bitter taste to certain palates) would really enjoy this beer. It is very smooth and the malts really take over any added hops.


The Dead Guy Ale label originally was created to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead (November 1). When the design ended up being popular, they chose it to be the label for their Maibock. Though this brew was not created specifically for Halloween the label captured me as a festive beer 🙂


Not to mention, it glows! Since I couldn’t capture its glowing feature, I’ve shown you how the light comes through it.


Possibly random but I couldn’t help but include the most adorable picture from Halloween!


To see more amazing photography of my beautiful niece on her first Halloween, click on the picture above or visit Mama Loves Moonshine

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23 responses to “Dead Guy Ale

  1. I see we were in a similar mind set, I popped open a bottle of The Poet on Halloween. I have to agree with you, labels are a big influence on choosing a beer. It’s my fav method for choosing random new things to try.

      • The Poet was a solid drink. Though I think I need to try it again to form an opinion. So far it is not inspiring me to wax lyrical.

      • ha ha, I feel sometimes first impressions can play a huge role in beer 😉 But as it happened with the coconut porter, sometimes giving it another chance might find a winner…I have found some beers that I enjoyed much more second time around 😀

  2. Love it! Dead guy ale!!! 🙂 It’s kinda amazing to see how many different varieties and packages you can come up with! This is both suitably festive and creepy for Halloween!

    Gorgeous neice you have too! Bunny and the pumpkin, Anne Geddes would be so proud!

    • ha ha thank you!! I felt it to be perfectly festive 🙂 Glad you enjoyed 😀

      The bunny and pumpkin as well as her expression was captured so perfectly! I cannot take credit though…her mother is a wonderful photographer.

  3. Good beer… Here in Austin we have the Jester King brewery which is worth googling at just to see the labels. Oh and if you don’t like hops, uh, yer hurtin’ buddy.

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