Double the Fun

As we began the hike to Grays Peak the sun was just beginning to light the sky.

It only took the fourth 14er for the Chatham family to start the peak at the scheduled time…7:30 am. For those that know me or my family, understand that we are not the keenest on time.

It must be a family trait…a gene. There is a gene for everything. Did we get the laid back gene? …is it the time doesn’t matter gene? Or is it the gene for planning every second in a day? It is probably a combination of all of these and some…


I have had conversations with friends and boyfriends about my obvious tardiness to most all events…except the MOST important ones…oh wait, I was late to graduation 🙂


It’s not that I want to be late but I guess I never put enough emphasis on being timely. Some of you are probably thinking, how this slacker holds a job….well, if it is work related or necessary to be on time, I SWEAR, I can make it happen 🙂

But unfortunately or fortunately most of my jobs have been relaxed with scheduling or I am free to plan my own work hours 😀


The original plan was to hike both Torreys and Grays in one trip but due to previous experiences I was lacking faith in getting started in time to be able to finish both. By some miracle though we got off to an early start and made it to the top of Torreys before 10:30.


This is what we call a Rocky Mountain Christmas tree 🙂

While on the hike I pondered the various names for this post…if I wasn’t able to complete both peaks I was going to name it Fighting the Wind or I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff until I Blow this house Down.


Torreys Peak

Maybe you have caught on that it was EXTREMELY windy…the winds were up to 40 and 50 mph. The constant tug on my body and whip against my face made the hike wearing.


View of Grays Peak while standing on Torreys

Typically the sun is beating on you, giving you a little warmth, but with the constant wind, I did not take off a single layer…in fact, for once, I felt I could have used another one.


After reaching Torreys in a timely (he he 🙂 ) manner the next goal was to get to Grays Peak. Though my original determination was originally in full gear, my desire to trek to the next peak was starting to decline.

I was having a slight internal breakdown.


It may have been the fact that I have never had to pee (urinate, excuse me) so bad on a hike or the irritation of the wind continually knocking me down but while I was saddling between the two peaks, so many thoughts were racing through my head. Thoughts were telling me that I didn’t want it that bad…I already climbed one peak. I HAVE been successful already. Why torture myself with another?

After this rough little mental battle I chose to take another step and then another. The wind pushed me and I pushed back. The ice was slippery but I remained focused.


I may have met my soul mate (as far as friends go) on top of Grays…I mean she brought a beer to drink a top a 14er. Some reward the little accomplishments 🙂



View of Torreys Peak while standing on Grays

The beer had me thinking of my own reward as soon as I got off the mountain! So the hike down went quite quickly.


When we entered the meadow though we had to stop and enjoy the beauty. The way the sun was now hitting it made it pop even more.


After a successful hike of accomplishing two peaks while fighting the wind a beer was necessary 🙂


Tommyknocker is located in Idaho Springs which was on the way back so we stopped in to sample some beers 😀


Grays Elevation: 14,270 ft (#9)
Torreys Elevation: 14,267 ft (#11)
Length: 8.25 Miles
Trailhead: Grays Peak
Class: 2 (out of 5)

Waking up to:

~Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men

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17 responses to “Double the Fun

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  2. What a beautiful hike and great photos. I also love hiking in Hong kong and the perfect way the end your day is a with a great new brew at the end. (Kind of like a carrot to entice you) Take care, BAM

  3. Ooh…I am so jealous! I wish I could hike the 14ers but my body just can’t do it (RA). We love to do the easier trailheads and just love being outside in CO. I am so glad you left a comment on my site, it’s wonderful to discover yours! Nazneen

    • Thank you!! Ya, we hiked to 5 peaks in 6 days…my Uncle comes out during September/October for a couple weeks so we kind of have to fit them all into a short period of time. Thanks for commenting!

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