Hey Pumpkin

Denver Beer Fest kicked off yesterday at Denver Beer Company with Mayor Hancock tapping a pumpkin beer.


He announced the name of the beer as Mayor Mike’s 5280 Brew.


It was a VERY tasty pumpkin beer…served with sugar on the rim 😀


Mayor Mike’s 5280 Brew

They also have a Hey Pumpkin beer at Denver Beer Company. It was lighter in body and flavor. I still thought it was very delicious but Mayor Mike’s 5280 Brew had a greater pumpkin taste…it was spiced well.

Hey Pumpkin

To find out all the fun events happening in the next week go to Denver Beer Fest. There are lots of fun beer tappings as well as specials at various restaurants in the Denver area.


Happy Denver Beer Week!!


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19 responses to “Hey Pumpkin

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    • Hey, ya someone from Australia was just telling me how that is something they miss about the U.S…all the pumpkin stuff we make!! 😀 Let me know if you find some good stuff in Canada!

  2. I was just trying to explain to my Australian friends that October everything turns into pumpkin…pumpkin latte, pumpkin ice cream and now pumpkin beer! I miss it as they only do pumpkin as a roasted veggie served with meat and potato or occaisionally in a salad….NEVER sweet! Which is the best way to have it. *sigh* I miss October in the US.

    • OH no, I would miss that too!!! That is SO sad! I love everything pumpkin 🙂 Pumpkin in fall is one of the things I always look forward too…you may need to start a new tradition in Australia! 😀

      • I’m definitely thinking about it!
        Pretty sure if I brought them in a pumpkin pie or if I make pumpkin ice cream I should be able to convert a few over to the “proper way” of thinking. 🙂
        In the next time when you are having pumpkin anything…think of me and that some of us don’t have the delicious yumminess of pumpkin goodies!

      • Wait, you guys don’t even make pumpkin pie?! Oh boy that is rough! I think you could really get something started 😀 Pumpkin ice cream is SO good too!

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