Back To Back Champs

The first snow has fallen…all the beautiful trees now kissed with white powder.

As I walked home from yoga this morning I happily remembered the last piece of chocolate chip zucchini bread that was hiding in my freezer (the last of the batch of 3 loaves I made previously when I had excess of zucchini)


The thought got me excited and I began to walk more swiftly. Arriving home, I was just about to start the coffee pot when I saw my French press and thought what is better than French press with zucchini bread on a chilly day 🙂


Though cold weather has finally hit, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect….we completed our last two peaks on Wednesday. Sunday and Monday we hiked Mt. Massive and La Plata and had great weather.

Massive Mania

Sunday, September 30


Getting off to a really early start was necessary as we headed to Mt. Massive which is near Leadville.


The trail started nice…flat lands for a little over a mile.


But what lied ahead was more than flat lands 🙂


Mt. Massive had amazing views from the top but the trail was wearing…we faced many rock fields that seemed to never end.



The trail was tiring but we made it to the top!




It is always a great feeling to make it to the top and on the way back down, thoughts always switch towards a nice cold beer 😀

~Enjoyed a brown ale from Pagosa Springs Brewing

Trip length: 8 miles
Trailhead: N. Halfmoon Creek
Elevation: 14,421
Elevation Rank: 2nd highest peak

Steady and Slow Wins the Race

Monday, October 1

The hike to Mt. Massive ended in a late night which made it rough getting up the next day for La Plata.

La Plata started with a steep slope that had you working from the beginning.


A little over a mile in, the trail opens up into a beautiful meadow.


The trail flattened out for a little while as we hiked through wet marshlands but it gave a nice break.


Shortly after, the steep incline began again and the trail became more difficult.


As we reached the first ridge the trail opened up into a beautiful area that literally made me think of the Sound of Music (sad I didn’t get a picture 😦 ).


The sneaky part about La Plata is it NEVER seemed to end…there was three false summits…meaning every time you climb one peak there is another one right in front of you…


However, we did make it!


The views were beautiful atop La Plata but it was not my favorite 14er to hike…


We read the trail guide but thought it didn’t explain it very well…the trail was not clearly marked which made it very difficult to climb the huge rock fields.


Though our original goal was to get back earlier the hike didn’t end until 6:30…and the trip back to Leadville took 1.5 hours due to ridiculous jeep trails.


After driving back for a couple miles we suddenly reached cell phone signal and our cell phones began to go off…


Checking my phone I saw a couple voicemails and decided to go ahead and listen since I received a few random phone numbers.


The Leadville County Sheriff left me a message saying that my father was worried about our delay in trip and they were searching for us…


Steady and Slow may win the race but may cause some worry on the home front 🙂


Regardless, the evening still ended with a beer 😀

Trip length: 7 miles
Trailhead: Southwest Ridge
Elevation: 14,336
Elevation Rank: 5th highest peak


With the weather change I can now officially pull out all my boots, scarves, beanies, and cute winter outfits 🙂

What is your favorite part about the winter season?

Rockin’ out to:

~Fully Alive by Flyleaf

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14 responses to “Back To Back Champs

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  2. I’m amazed that you’ve mentioned the first fall of snow, incredible as we’re experiencing wayward weather to the tune of rain, lightning and brisk winds(but luckily Mother Nature is kinder this week and gives us some sunnier days!) After battling the outdoor elements its no doubt a piece of moreish zucchini/choc cake, made you that much happier and the French press no doubt.

    Looking at those mountain ranges with that little snow sprinkle and ice, I’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing more pies and stews on your upcoming menus 🙂

    • Glad you got some sunny days!! 🙂 We will still get sunny days surrounded by a little snow here and there…CO is always funky weather. Monday and Tuesday were both in the 70s lol

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  4. I couldn’t have said it any better! Great review!


  5. Look at those snow covered peaks! Ahh, beauty. I love fall but you just got me really excited for snow + winter! Btw, we have the exact same Bodum 🙂 sipping coffee from it as I type this!

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