Top Hops

This blog was started so that I would have a place to write about all the beer and food I love…which is a lot! 😀


Due to my desire to cater to many people I also include recipes and beers that non beer-lovers might enjoy. But after 6 months of being live, I realized I haven’t posted much about my favorite type of beer.


I LOVE a lot of beer types but my favorite are India Pale Ales (IPAs). I am a hophead. I am not ashamed 😉

I shied away from posting too much about IPAs in fear of losing followers! But I must express my love for IPAs and share with you some of my favorites 🙂


Before writing this post, I tried to compare some of them to give a proper analysis of each. Sipping them side by side made them lose their individual qualities though.


Comparing IPAs is like comparing friends….you can’t do it! IPAs all have unique differences…qualities that pertain to their style.

471 Small Batch IPA

Double Hopped IPA
Breckenridge Brewery


This beer is powerfully soft…it is strong yet very smooth making its POWER subtle.


This beer will get you though if you’re not careful…with a 9.2% ABV it is only sold in 4 packs.

Odell IPA

Odell Brewing Company

The Odell IPA took the traditional IPA and added its own American twist. It is bold and strongly hopped.


St. Lupulin is another one of my favorites from Odell but since it is technically a “Pale Ale,” it should go on my Pale Ale favorites 🙂


It is a summertime favorite due to it only being available May through September. Get it now or else you will have to wait until next May!


Hop Notch

Uinta Brewing Company

Hop Notch was recently discovered and liked immediately 🙂 Most of my favorites are local beers but this one is actually from Utah.


It is a very easy drinking IPA. It is still very hoppy but it is almost more of a refreshing IPA to me.


Imperial IPA
Avery Brewing Company

When I chose to write this post I started with trying to pick just 3 of my favorites…then it turned into more…

The Maharaja is a vibrantly hoppy and GREAT beer. It is intense but finishes smoothly.


Even after choosing the ones to post about I continued to remember others that I love as well…Titan IPA (Great Divide), Ranger (New Belgium), and Avery IPA. My list mainly contains local favorites because they are readily available.

I still like many others but would have to do some intense research 😉 to compile a nation-wide list.


Listening to:

Skinny Love by Birdy

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14 responses to “Top Hops

  1. i LOVE LOVE IPAs! Most of my friends do actually, so its always a good time trying different kinds and swapping when we get the chance. Thanks for the great post! Must go to Denver soon. 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by! I am glad to find another hophead! Do you have any favorites you could recommend? Denver is a great place that is exploding with craft beer! Definitely visit soon 🙂

      • Of course. I have a couple of faves- Lagunitas of course. Then there’s Harpoon, Southern Tier2x and Dogfish Head Imperial. I haven’t been going to the craft places as much recently, but I usually go for these or try something new. Your blog is great! Also, I adore Birdy. 🙂

    • I will hve to try all your favorites! I have heard of Southern Tier2x recently but I have never had it. More to add to my list of things to try 😀 Thank you so much! Glad you like my music selection! 🙂

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