Go Fish!

Go Fish Sushi is located on Broadway not far from downtown Denver.

Quest for a sushi happy hour on a Saturday led me to embark on this “new” sushi restaurant. With specials on sake, beer, appetizers and selected rolls the experience was nothing short of amazing!


There was warm and cold sake bombs on special. The cold sake was pineapple infused and came with the Beehive Honey Wheat by Bristol Brewing Company. The combination of flavors was tasty but honestly the sake could be drunk alone as well. It was delicious!

Beehive Honey Wheat

Beehive Honey Wheat + cold pineapple sake

Of course, we also enjoyed some warm sake bombs 🙂 The fusion of warm sake and cold beer is the perfect mate.


The designs and creativity put into the preparation of the food is incredible. Sushi is an art 🙂


Dessert is not something I ever order at a sushi place but the dessert was complimentary (great service!). The dessert was the tempura cheesecake…a perfect ending to a great sushi meal.


Tempura Cheesecake

We enjoyed the food to say the least!


Check out my happy hour page for days/times.

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22 responses to “Go Fish!

  1. This all looks so amazing–I think I know what I’m having for dinner tonight, thanks for the inspiration! {I especially thought the plate at the end was cute}!…looks like you hated it ^.^

  2. I’m a Denver girl too! We used to eat at Spicy Basil a lot, and went to Go Fish a few times. I remember enjoying it, but we live close to Sushi Den, so it’s hard to leave the ‘hood for sushi. Unfortunately, no Happy Hour at Sushi Den.

    • Thanks Jodie!! That is very nice of you 🙂 WordPress is pretty nice and easy to deal with…but it still took me 6 months to change from the default layout (I wouldn’t say I was lazy but didn’t make the time?). Thanks so much for stopping by! I am glad I found your blog today 🙂

    • Oh, thank you Shira! I finally spent some time changing it. I think it is a lot better but still needs some more work!! Thank you so much for stopping by! I have been a little slow this summer too…so busy!

  3. Oh my oh my … what gorgeous platters of enticing food! My son would absolutely enjoy devouring and savouring every bite of these…so would I too!

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