Mexican Logger

Last weekend we went on a camping trip to Durango, Colorado where we planned tubing, hiking, chuckwagon dinner, and brewery exploration. Not all activities were executed but when you’re camping there is no schedule 😀

Nonetheless, it was a great time and we made sure to stop by Ska Brewing Company. My first experience with the brewery was tasting their canned beers: True Blonde, Special E.S.B, and Modus Hoperandi.

Ska Brewing Company was established in 1995 in Durango, Colorado. It started with the inspiration of two guys that enjoyed drinking beer while listening to “thinking music,” ska.

SLOW DOWN for Kids, Dogs, and Craft Beer Drinkers 😀

Ska brewing has some tasty beers…the True Blonde is a crisp and golden blonde ale that is brewed with the honey from Durango’s Honeyville bees (more on Honeyville in subsequent post).

Pairs well with: fish and other seafood or as a chaser for spicy foods.

Being a hop head I am always after IPA’s and it takes a lot for me to not at least try it 🙂 Modus Hoperandi is an IPA and one of the canned beers that I had tried previously and enjoyed.

The Mexican Logger (love the name!) is a light and refreshing delight. I was very impressed with this beer…it was light but had good flavor…a very fun lime taste. It was great for coming in from camping and being out in the hot sun. .

Mexican Logger

We got to tour the brewery…

The Nefarious Ten Pin was a delectable, dark beer…rich, creamy and full of malt flavor. Ska says it’s “the only brew that guarantees you will enjoy bowling more than you already do.” 😀 I can’t put it better than they did…”Nefarious is wickedly outrageous.”

Pairs well with: rich desserts

Nefarious Ten Pin (right)

Overall, Ska was very enjoyable…the atmosphere was fun. The creative artwork and writing of their beer keeps you intrigued. If you check out their website plan on Ska music and at least 30 minutes to browse their entertaining site.

Ska creatures…(right)

Chillin’ to:

~The Violet Hour by Sea Wolf
It would have been appropriate to pair this post with Ska music but I am no Ska connoisseur…

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7 responses to “Mexican Logger

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  2. Looks like a fabulous weekend! I love micro breweries – they’re passion is always evident!
    Im also a fan of a blonde ale or a pilsner. See if you can find an Aussie beer called James Squire….I’d love to know what you think of it!

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