Class 1 Challenge

If anyone ever tells you that a 14er is easy…laugh at them!

There is no such thing as an “easy” 14er but there are different levels of difficulty. There is Class 1-5 with Class 1 being the “easiest.”


The trail starts off nice…boardwalks set up so that you can skip the wet marshlands.

The first challenge is the river crossing 🙂

Watch out for cute wild life!

On all 14ers it is good to take lots of breaks…enjoy the scenery 🙂 Or at least use that as your excuse 😉

So back to the whole “easy” 14ers…this was definitely an easier one that I have done but it is still a good challenge. The path is very steep and don’t forget, even if you are from Colorado, the elevation is a huge factor.

The last stretch always involves some rocky area…WE ARE in the Rocky Mountains 😀 But no, the last climb to Mt. Bierstadt was over large boulders.

The original goal was to do Bierstadt then Evans (a little ambitions 😀 ) but due to a late start and the large possibility of a storm coming in soon we decided to take it easy. From a top Bierstadt, Sawtooth can be seen…this is the path to get to Mt. Evans (via Guanella Pass).

It is considered Class 3 along Sawtooth…I have heard mixed opinions on level of difficulty but it does look scary from this view!


Plus since it was my boyfriends first 14er he was probably pretty happy to call it a hike 🙂

Bierstadt, July 29 2012

We made a good decision though…storm rolling in on the way down.

Timing could not have been more perfect…I would like to take credit but it was just luck 🙂 It started to sprinkle in the last stretch and then started pouring once we were safely in our car 🙂

Georgetown is about an hour away from Denver…just take I70 West and then get off Georgetown exit…take a left when you get off then a right at the roundabout…after that follow the signs that say to Guanella Pass.

It takes you through the historic downtown and then up through the windy mountain road. At 7 am the town was dead but on the way back it looked like a lively place.

Rocking out to:

Walking With a Ghost by Tegan & Sara

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Quandary Peak

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  2. Love these photos and good job on the hike! My boyfriend and I are going to Denver/Boulder in the spring (he’s never been) and these photos make me even more excited. Colorado is so beautiful.

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