The Rest of the Best in OH

The great state of Ohio has plenty of local brews as well as craft beers from surrounding states. There are very few Midwest beers in Colorado so I was very excited to be immersed in a new variety of beer.

Great Lakes Brewing Company

Great Lakes beer is a common local brewery. Some of the year-round beers include the Commodore Perry IPA, Burning River Pale Ale and Edmund Fitzgerald Porter.

The Commodore Perry IPA was not a favorite but I enjoyed the Burning River Pale Ale. The beer names all seem to have a historical significance. The Commodore Perry honors the hero from the War of 1812 who battled the enemy on Lake Erie.

Burning River is in reference to Cleveland’s history when ironically the Cuyahoga River caught on fire in the 1970s. Today, there is a Burning River Festival in Cleveland that showcases environmental issues as well as creating a fun day of food, drinks, and music.

One of their seasonal beers was the Monster IPA which I enjoyed more than the Commodore Perry. It had a lighter body and was hopped nicely. The Great Lakes Christmas Ale is another seasonal beer that apparently is amazing. People raved about it but unfortunately, I did not get to try it 😦

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

Dark, smooth, caramel notes, bourbon aroma, and hints of chocolate give a delicious sipping beer. After tasting, it was no surprise that this full flavored ale won a silver medal in the 2007 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in the barrel and wood-aged category.

Hell or High Watermelon

This delicate and light-bodied, watermelon beer was a unique beer to taste. It is perfect for a hot summer day (which has been every day!). The watermelon flavor is not overwhelming or too sweet…it tasted more like a light watermelon carbonated juice than a beer.

The beer is fermented with watermelon and watermelon juice is added as well. The artistic label of this beer is great. The color and animation of Our Lady Liberty is very intriguing. Also, the can allows it to be a great beer for going to parks and outdoor events that don’t allow glass.

Bodega (in Short North)

Bodega is a hipster bar in Short North. It has a very fun atmosphere.

We shared some small plates…a variety of food is always fun 🙂

The Samosas are deep fried Indian empanadas, stuffed with a blend of peas and potatoes. It was served with a cilantro chutney and a date chutney. These were spicy but delicious and the chutney made a great addition 🙂


The Chicken Tikka was very good. I placed it on pita bread with yogurt-cilantro chutney and onion.

Chicken Tikka

I was interested in trying the portobella tacos but my brother loves fish tacos so we got these instead. They were very tasty as well. The tilapia was topped with some jicama slaw and an orange-cilantro reduction…I guess we love cilantro!! 😀

Tilapia Tacos

Bodega has many beers to try…I tasted a few different ones from Ohio and surrounding areas. They all tasted good but none of them really jumped out at me. I was really hoping to write a review on Bells Two Hearted Ale (Michigan Brewery) but they were out! 😦

I got to try the Two Hearted Ale last time I was in Ohio and also one of my friends brought me some back from Michigan one time. When I get back that way again I will definitely do a brew review 😀

Fat Heads Headhunter IPA

The Yuengling Lager (Pennsylvania) was a necessary beer to include. This is considered the “cheap” beer in the Midwest…comparable to what Coors is to us in Colorado. Nothing against Coors (I still drink this beer) but the Yuengling was a much more flavorful beer yet it was as cheap as Coors. You can also see that is a darker color but still a light beer due to it’s lager quality.

Yuengling Lager

There is also another brewery opening in Columbus soon called the Seventh Son 😉

Elevator Brewing Company

The Elevator Brewing Company is located in an historic landmark. The building was originally built in 1897 by the Bott Family. Much of the original architecture still remains…so the decorative walls and ceilings were beautiful to see.

There were SO many beers to try at the Elevator. Due to my obsession with Germany and constant quest for good Kolsch style beers in the US, I had to try the Elevator Xtra for it’s attempt at a similar beer.

Elevator Xtra

The beer had a light body with very soft hops. Different from a Kolsch, it had a slight hint of grapefruit.

Bear Ass Pale Ale

Sauerkraut Balls are a must try…at least that is what I was told! They were so delicious!

Sauerkraut Balls

For dinner my brother and I go two plates to share (so we could try them both 🙂 )

Cajun Chicken Penne

The Cajun Chicken Penne seems so simple (I think I will try my own version at home) but it was absolutely amazing!! I loved the spicy flavors.

The Crab Stuffed Scallops were also delicious but I wanted more crab and scallops! Of course 🙂 The mashed potatoes were too heavy for the dish…it would have been nice with at least a smaller portion and maybe some veggies like asparagus.

Crab Stuffed Scallops

Their Three Frogs IPA was out when we were there so I had to get it at the store. Since I was on VACATION I failed at taking some notes…but I think I liked this beer!! lol

The Dark Horse was a deep copper/brown lager. It was lightly bodied but with a dark, smooth flavor.

Many of you have probably already seen this video but my brother showed it to me while I was in Ohio…hilarious. This poor kid is all drugged up after having surgery in his mouth…

David After Dentist

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