Bubble of Happiness

Before going to Ohio I received lots of remarks and jokes about going and honestly I did/do the same thing when people talk about going to certain places or states. The ultimate reason I went was to see my brother but Ohio has some good spots.

Though typical vacations are to Mexico, California, Florida, and other beach areas I spent my vacation in Columbus, Ohio. It really was a vacation though…I spent a lot of time sleeping, relaxing, going to the pool (as well as the gym a couple times), eating good food, and tasting new beers 😀

My brother lives in German Village where the name alone captures me. I am obsessed with Germany and currently trying to learn German (slowly!) and really hope to spend some time traveling around Europe.

This district in Columbus is very much influenced by German/European culture. I don’t mean particularly the people act European but just the feeling and all the brick houses and brick paved streets.

In the U.S. I haven’t seen many places like this but when I went to Luneburg, Germany (where my friend is from) all the streets were brick!

German Village really gives a small town and home-y vibe yet it is only a hop away from downtown Columbus.

While I was there my brother took me to all his favorite places…and one night he said “this is my bubble of happiness.”

See my brother is from Colorado and so he probably felt similar about Ohio before living there…but he has found things he enjoys and lives in a great area in Columbus and as he put it he found his “bubble of happiness.” 😀

Excuse the excessive amount of pictures of houses but I love brick houses and there were so many beautiful ones to look at!

Since Macon, Georgia is the city of my birth and where I spent my early child years I had to take this picture 🙂

As I mentioned before I left for Ohio, my brother was out of power for a while…it came on the day before I got there!! 😀 But we did have a slight scare when a sudden rain storm came and took out the power…luckily only for a few minutes this time!!

Now, I want to show you some of the yummy treats to be had in German Village.

Katzinger’s Deli

Katzinger’s Deli is absolutely amazing…I wish I had one of these near me. This is the type of deli you would find in Europe or New York City.

It has cases of fresh yummy cheeses and meats.

This place had so much…and I wanted to try it all! From freshly made sandwiches to pie and pastries and of course beer and wine…

One of my favorite parts may have been the free pickles while you waited! 😀

My first time there (yes I went more than once!) I had pastrami, hard salami, swiss and cream cheese on rye bread.

Another night we got a couple cheeses and meats to enjoy with some red wine….

We had apple slices with an apple cheddar cheese…not quite a cheddar but similar taste…a little more dry and crumbly.

Then we also enjoyed a spreadable cheese that had a strong olive flavor…this topped the crackers with some hard salami and boar.

Dinner was a light Caprese salad with mozzarella and tomatoes over arugula with mint and dried basil leaves.

Harvest Pizzeria

At the Harvest Pizzeria we started with a Caprese Salad (this actually sparked us making it at home).

Caprese Salad

I apologize for the dark picture but my brother was able to get a good picture of the pizza. The pizza was phenomenal!

Spicy Yuma and Vegetable Pizza

The Spicy Yuma was topped with Gouda, chorizo, jalepeno, corn, roasted red pepper, and a chipotle-spiked tomato sauce. The vegetable pizza had mozzarella, provolone, onion, olives, mushrooms, bell pepper, and sunflower sprouts.


The Skillet was a great breakfast place. A very small dining area but well worth the wait if there is one.

The pancakes were so delicious…some kind of berry-cheese goodness!

My brother had ham-sausage and biscuits smothered in amazing-ness…it was so tasty!!

Beautiful golden potatoes!

This may look like only a regular egg omelette…but it came with lamb and even the eggs alone tasted like they had been soaked in lamb juice…mmmm 🙂

Overall, the trip to Columbus was great! Since you are probably wondering where all my beer reviews are…there will be more! Don’t worry! 😀

As a tribute to Akron, Ohio I must include some Black Keys…oh and because they are amazing.

Rockin’ out to:

~Your Touch by The Black Keys

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21 responses to “Bubble of Happiness

  1. The craft brewery craze has taken hold here. I believe we have around 12 now in central Ohio alone. Growlers unite!

    • That is awesome! My brother and his wife are in Columbus and my brother is going to start doing some local brew reviews for me since we don’t get all the beers this way 🙂

  2. Pingback: Anniversary Pint Glass Giveaway | Lilly Sue's Bites and Brews·

    • haha YES it was all SO good! Oregon, eh? That is on my to-go list…because of all the wonderful breweries in that area!

      Thank you for stopping by!!

  3. Yeah, I’m pretty much drooling over those pancakes! I love your scenery pictures–they’re so beautiful. I had a chance to travel Europe when I graduated and when I was in Germany and Austria, I fell in love with everything German. When I find enough downtime I am going to learn the language–I find it so intriguing and beautiful at the same time!

    • Oh yes, the pancakes were so freakin’ good!!! And I don’t typically order pancakes at breakfast…

      You should totally try to learn the language! It is fun 🙂

  4. This post would make a lovely promo for the Ohio Tourism Board! Your photos are lovely and I’m glad you found plenty of amazing eats.

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