Cold weather…a figment of my imagination

When the weather gets warm do you ever have a hard time imagining the cold?

In Colorado we get all seasons so it seems kind of silly but I literally can’t even imagine the winters we have as I sit in my house lacking motivation to do anything that is not directly in front of my fan…for scare of melting.

My brother in Ohio, who I am going to visit this week, calls to tell me that his power is out and it might not be back up until Friday (meaning it will be down for most of the time I am there). It probably won’t be too horribly different from my house since I have no A/C anyways…

But as I packed all my cute shorts and tank tops, one pair of jeans (though I can’t imagine wearing them), I considered bringing a light sweater. At the moment though all I could think was NO way I will wear this…it is too damn hot for anything but the bare minimum!

To help cure the horrid, hot weather the Petrus Aged Pale, an ale aged in oak casks and strongly made with apples, will provide a cold, refreshing drink.

Immediately following the release of the bottle cap…smells of apple cider tingled my nostrils.

The Petrus Aged Pale was almost like a cold apple cider but with more bite and less sweetness. The taste buds initially react to the upfront sour flavors but settle down in the finish. It is a fruity, tart and crisp beer. It is best COLD.

A favorite snack of mine is apple slices topped with cheddar cheese and jelly. It is a great hold-me-over until dinner or as a snack during the day. I have to admit though it was coincidence that I made this snack and then chose to open this beer not knowing what flavors lied ahead 🙂

Cooling off to:

~Linger by The Cranberries


12 responses to “Cold weather…a figment of my imagination

    • ha ha I love the blogging world…it is like we all get to experience all seasons at the same time (except not physically!). I am posting about things to eat in the hot weather, others are making warm dinners and desserts 😉

  1. I adore apples and cheese as well 🙂 Never topped it with jam though I am certain it would be delicious as cheese and jam is a fave sandwich too! It’s been so cold here in Vancouver I am having trouble imagining warmth…..sad I know!

    • Yes, apples and cheese are so good! The sharp contrast between the sweet juicy apple and the the strong cheese is so delicious 🙂 Try it will jelly..this time I had raspberry.

      I love toasting bread laying cheese down on it so it begins to melt and then topping it with jelly! 😀 It is so weird to think about people having cold weather when I am having summer! lol Stay warm!

  2. I love beers from an oak cask–I love being able to taste the oak in the beer 🙂 I find that I daydream about the fall and winter throughout the entire summer–I am not a heat girl lol

    • Ya oak cask beers can be tasty. This beer didn’t have too much of an oak taste…i think because of how they did the apples.

      I like summers because currently I am in school and it means no class and also because I love playing v-ball outside (and I love camping and hiking and rafting lol) but overall fall weather is the fav…I love wearing hoodies 🙂

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