Beat the Heat

The weather in Colorado (and apparently all over the U.S.) has been HOT!!!

Cold showers/baths have been regular.

In order to drink my morning coffee the air condition in my car has to be blasting.

When I got home lastnight from work a nice cold refreshing drink sounded appropriate…and then I saw the watermelon in my fridge 😀

This was nothing special…I just threw some orange juice, watermelon and ginger (1 to 1 1/2 t) together.

It was very delightful and refreshing…perfect for a hot evening!

The warm weather shouldn’t be too much to complain about (it is summer!) but fires keep sprouting up all over Colorado. The intense heat and warm winds that don’t bring any rain are making matters worse 😦

My thoughts are with all the people who have lost their homes or have had to evacuate and the firemen and all others assisting the fires.

Listening to:

~All Fall Down by One Republic


11 responses to “Beat the Heat

  1. I am so enjoying listening to your music picks. Micah had a great one posted on Facebook too. You your siblings are such amazing blessings/people!

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