Rooftop Beer Tasting

Beer tasting, food pairing, rooftop pool, and friends…need I say more?

The Warwick hotel holds monthly beer tasting and food pairing events in the summer at their rooftop pool.

I gathered some friends together and joined in on the beer tasting and food pairing event on June 14.

Breckenridge Brewery was the beer provider and gave samples of many of their beers: Summerbright (seasonal), Agave Wheat, Avalanche Ale, Lucky U IPA, 471 (small batch), Oatmeal Stout, and Vanilla Porter.

Avalanche Ale

Sean Dugan, Manager of Good Beer at the Ale House at Amato’s in Denver, shared his knowledge on pairing food and beer.

Agave Wheat

The crab cakes were tasty and plentiful…the chef kept them coming! These were great with the Avalanche Ale or Summerbright (lighter option). The Agave Wheat may also go nicely with crab cakes.

Crab Cakes

Darker beers are typically paired with desserts even though it seems sometimes they are dessert themselves! 🙂 The Vanilla Porter went great with the carrot cake samples…

Vanilla Porter

The Good:
Being with friends, tasting beer and little treats were enjoyable. The beer was good and the view (from the 15th floor) was great.

The Ugly:
The event was unorganized. The music was a nice attempt but as my friends and I referred to it…it was elevator music. Since this event had so many of my favorite things I would still do it again though 🙂

Colorado Brewer’s Festival takes place Saturday and Sunday in downtown Ft. Collins. Taste great local beers while enjoying music and fun.

I will be there tomorrow. If you can’t make it I will be sure to taste a few for you 🙂

Listening to:
Satellite by Guster

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Summerbright Ale

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    • The Agave Wheat is a very nice beer. Many people LOVE this beer…especially if you like wheat beers and then throw in a little fruit 🙂 I only enjoy it on a really hot day mainly because wheats are not my favorite style of beer but it is a good one. Check out the review I did (click on picture at end of post).

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