A Quest…a Quandary

Life is a Hike.

The trail is tough…try to stay prepared but the path ahead is unknown. Each quandary, or practical dilemma, we face provides a choice. Hiking is a choice. It is a challenge.

The beauty keeps us moving forward…

Each step is more breathtaking than the last…

Along the way, thirst and hunger are a necessary distraction. Things will cross our path…slowing us down…keeping us from the goal.

Exhaustion must be overcome. The terrain will become more difficult but the physical challenge becomes miniscule to the mental challenge that lies ahead.

We must surpass our fears. We must choose to continue. Breathe through each step and gain the courage to take just one more step.

Keep on moving. Keep your eye on the prize.

Others may pass you along the way…but keep your focus. Go at your own pace.

The feeling when the top has finally been reached…the goal that seemed unattainable is now right before your eyes…that feeling…that satisfaction…is well worth it.

Patrick, me, Uncle Ed

Not to mention, some of the most amazing views…

Last September my Uncle (the one in the picture) came out to Colorado to go hiking…I joined him and my dad on a 14er..Mt. Democrat. Now, I have done a few 14ers but not many and I hadn’t done one in a while. I basically grew up in Colorado and haven’t exercised the beautiful resources Colorado has to offer.

When I was younger I use to go on a lot of hikes with my mom…I always complained about it…got tired along the way and sometimes tried to give up. Luckily my mom is very patient and every time she would just wait…

Eventually I would continue…and I always reached the top. Not once did I regret it. In fact, I always felt great.

Now, I hike because I enjoy it and I want to get to the top. It was always a mental game and it still is but only now I have learned to fight my own mental battle. There are times when I lose sight of the goal but my determination keeps me moving forward.

After that hike last September, I started thinking about hiking more 14ers and made it a goal to do five this summer (one down).

My Uncle Ed was just in Colorado and he expressed his desire to complete them all (there are about 55 or so). Let me first say…my Uncle and also huge blog supporter (so he will be reading this :)) is turning 70 at the end of this year…he is my inspiration. I want to hike as many 14ers with him as possible so we can both reach our goals.

Getting up was only half the battle…

But what awaits at the bottom is another goal to reach! 😀 (well you have to drive to Breckenridge Brewery)

Summerbright Ale

Hopefully you will travel to the top of every peak with me 🙂

Hiking to:

~Young Folks by Peter Bjorn & John

More To Love:

Great Divide

La Plata Peak

Back to Back Champs

Mt. Lincoln

Mt. Lincoln

Sand Dunes


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  3. Great pics! I did Mt Sneffels with some friends back in 07. Well I tried. Didnt get acclimated and was kind of scary for a few minutes. Check out my fb gallery of Southern Colorado.

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