Sand’ D Colorado

My parents and nieces/nephews have been going to the Sand Dunes regularly for the past four years and many friends have told me about how much fun it is but my first time going was this past weekend…and let me tell you, it is a site to see!

My family has always done a lot of camping…growing up in a large family meant vacation involved lots of road trips and camping. Some families went to Mexico and well my family went to the mountains for a weekend camping trip.

Though I have siblings that hate camping (well most of them), I guess I missed out on the camping hate train. Lots of people don’t enjoy being out in the woods away from civilization…away from technology 🙂 but I enjoy it! Camping is actually pretty relaxing except for…car sick nephew…setting up camp just as a rain storm starts…getting eatin’ by no-see-‘ums 🙂

Sand Dunes from afar

But really the relaxing part is the clean air…being out in the wilderness…hearing only sounds of ducks quacking and birds chirping…a glowing campfire and the mere fact that you don’t have the option to do much 😀

That might seem weird but it is a vacation where you really just eat, hangout, read a book, go on hikes (if you want to be that active!), and go swimming…

Your stranded out in the woods…the only regular events during the day are trips to the portable potty, eating and sleeping. The portable potties are not the cleanest or best smelling and the sleeping leaves your neck stiff but the eating is fantastic!

Camping trips in my family have always involved good food. My mom has made some of her best dishes on a camping trip….or maybe it was just the outdoors that exemplified the meal 😀

Oh and good beer is always involved…

Easy Street is a nice beer to enjoy on a hot day or with a hamburger. Its flavors are light and don’t overpower the taste of food. This is a wheat beer that I actually enjoy…the light body finishes with subtle notes of fruit.Camping also makes you appreciate everything…like this mountain town cafe.

My niece

Even with its rustic decor…neon signs and red pepper wreath…

They had really good green chili!

Regardless of whether you like camping, the Sand Dunes are a ton of fun!

Goin’ Boarding

Running up the sand hills is a difficult task though…

Playing in the water after hiking around feels great…

My 1 year old niece

After all that hot sand and walking my feet were excited for the nice cool water!

Though we had sun the whole day it just wouldn’t be Colorado if we didn’t get a sudden drastic weather change 🙂


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