VooDoo and Camera Play!

My graduation has brought a lot of fun NEW things…like a camera! I didn’t go big, so no SLR, but I got a pretty nifty Olympus. Also, thanks to my family and friends that know my love for beer, I got quite a few fun and unique beers to try! 😀

The VooDoo Stout by Left Coast Brewing Company was the first one I cracked open. I love the name and the design on the bottle…so intriguing. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover…but I definitely judge a beer by it’s label!

The VooDoo Stout was a delicious treat. It had such a rich malty smell that foreshadowed it’s deep malt flavor. It is very dark and full bodied. It was creamy but not as creamy as some due to its roasted barley addition. This added to the flavor but also made it seem a little less heavy. To top it off there were hints of chocolate and coffee.

The little glass makes me really taste every sip and enjoy it longer! 😀

My new camera has influenced experimentation…checking out the different settings. I am not knowledgeable in cameras so I am just playing!

Graduation Flowers



More Graduation Flowers!

More Graduation Flowers!

Chillin’ to:

~Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone


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17 responses to “VooDoo and Camera Play!

  1. Many great things on this post! Congrats on your new camera! Chocolate flavoured beer (yes!) and your incredible photo of the storm over the buildings and grounds-too awesome for words!

  2. Hi, just wanted to say that I’m so happy to have connected with you online. Also: like all your pix but particularly adore that stormy day picture, it is so … Wuthering Heights! Happy Graduation!

    • Oh good, I am glad! I have always liked that song but kind of wondered what it was about…totally made sense once I watched the video. Thank you Britta!

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