Studying with Ice Cream, Bikes and Beer

In my quest for an adequate studying location the other night I stumbled upon the Denver Bicycle Cafe. It is a cute café that has bikes, beer, and coffee. They are a full service bike shop…which isn’t why I went there but it is an added bonus 🙂

The place caught my attention because of all the lighting and tables…it was the perfect place to study and I was able to enjoy some new beers…

The Denver Bicycle Café supports local craft beers as they constantly alter their tap list. Once I have reached a certain point in my studying or it is past 8 or so I feel beer worthy 🙂 The beer calms my angst, allowing me to be productive for another couple hours as well as gives somewhat of a deceptive thought of my lack of social life (but it will all be over soon!!).

The Zora Rosemary Pale Ale by Strange Brewing Company (Denver, CO) is a beer that definitely deserves some recognition. It was the first rosemary beer I have tried and I rather enjoyed it. It smelt deeply of rosemary but only had subtle hints to taste. It is very hoppy, typical to many pale ales, but the rosemary adds a unique touch.

Zora Rosemary Pale Ale

Here is a beer that is worth trying! Don’t let its dark color fool you…it is an easily drinkable Ice Cream Clone Stout by Bull and Bush Brewery. This stout literally tastes like you are drinking a vanilla bean ice cream with its strong vanilla character and light chocolate tones. It is a very creamy vanilla beer. Be careful, there really is alcohol in it! 🙂

This beer was very easy sipping and delightful. It is more like a dessert beer…someone finally married a stout beer with its tasty counterpart, ice cream.

Ice Cream Clone Stout

The Denver Bike Cafe has a very chill environment…the people were laid back and down to earth. They have a few food items but they also allow you to bring your own food or provide you with menus to order from surrounding areas. This place is a great local spot to get some work done, meet a friend for coffee, or to relax and enjoy a beer.

Rockin’ out to:

~Kids by MGMT


8 responses to “Studying with Ice Cream, Bikes and Beer

    • Ya next time you are in the Denver area you should check out the Strange Brewery…mainly the name intrigues me lol. I haven’t been to the brewery yet but will be going soon and will write a review 😉

  1. Beer does not traditionally go with words like “rosemary” and “chocolate” and “vanilla” in my mind so this does intrigue me. I had no idea! I think that my next beer venture will be a pale ale…hopefully flavoured with something since I won’t have access to any of the local craft beers you get access to 🙂

    • ha ha ya we are lucky to have so many craft beers to try! I will try and see if I can find something good that is in your area. Are there no craft breweries in Toronto?

      Pale ales are good but if it is bitterness that you taste in beers you may not like some pale ales…they can really vary but a lot of times they are hoppy.and people either love it or hate it. Let me know if you find something you like!

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