German-style Beer Part II: Weissbier

Weissbiers are a popular German-style beer. Weissbier means white beer but it usually is referring to a wheat beer. Other titles are Hefeweizen and Weizenbier where “hefe” means yeast and “weizen” means wheat. In North America wheat beers are commonly referred to as Hefeweizen due to its unfiltered beer quality. German law states that to be labeled with any of the mentioned titles, there must be at least 50% malted wheat.

As I have mentioned before wheats are not my first beer choice but the Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier is quite delightful for a summer beer choice. Like most wheat beers it has a nutty banana-like flavor. In 1516 a German beer “purity law” was established to regulate the processes and quality of beer. The law only allowed yeast, barley, hops and water to be a part of the brewing process.

The Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier is supposedly one of the original wheat beers. Though the law has been recently eliminated many German brewers still abide by them, keeping the recipes of the past current. This beer is light and smooth. It pours a nice white head that slowly disperses. Adding a lemon amplifies the citrus flavors. Try this beer without a lemon first to see the difference because the lemon really alters the beer.

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3 responses to “German-style Beer Part II: Weissbier

  1. You could combine your liking of wheat beer and bock by trying a Weizenbock. I recommend Vitus, or Aventinus, they will give you a good variety of the style.

    • Yes, I would like to try one! When I did my German beer research I saw that style but I don’t think I have had one…I am making a trip to the liquor store after work so I will look for one of those! Thanks!

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