AAAhhh…Agave Wheat

As the days get warmer the Breckenridge Brewery brings us Agave Wheat. I usually tend to shy away from wheat beers but to be a beer blogger I need to try all types! Fortunately I enjoy the Agave Wheat. It is not like most wheat beers, it lacks the typical banana-like flavor. Instead it has soft tones of fruit with a hint of nutty flavor that is common in wheat beers. This is a great beer to enjoy in the summer….refreshing but tasty! If you are a wheat beer fanatic you will definitely enjoy this beer and even for those that don’t usually care for wheat beers you may find yourself sitting back on a patio enjoying a nice Agave Wheat.

I realized while writing this brew review that I often talk about the changing weather but I know not everyone is in the four season Colorado area. Instead of “summer,” I guess I should say “warm weather” because some of you guys are in warm weather year round! 🙂

Distribution: Check out Breckenridge Brewery to find locations near you 🙂

Have you tried this beer? If so, did you like it?
Do you like wheat beers?
What type of beer do you like best?


6 responses to “AAAhhh…Agave Wheat

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