A Thought to Bite

This sickness has really taken a toll on me. I can’t even remember the last time I have been sick like this as an adult. I will get colds and other minor disruptions (minor to me) but I always continue the daily routine of life. The only thing that is different is my body is looking for more attention and more sleep. This time my body has really taken a beating…and I have actually been on “bed rest.” Alright, I went to work and school once this week to give it a try…I ended up back at home with a fever. Being sick is like getting unwanted days off. You have all these deadlines, whether it be for work or school, and you are stuck at home with no energy to do anything. And to make matters worse, sleeping wasn’t an option the first few nights…until I found my friend, Nyquil.

My sister has been giving me all these natural medications that are suppose to boost the immune system and kick you back into place…I don’t mean to bash on the natural medications but when you are already at your low, nothing “natural” is strong enough to get you back to 100%. I don’t take meds often but when I am sick all I want is the drugs.

The highlights of my life this week have been drinking tea with honey…getting a random kick of energy that I have used to try and write a blog or start the 5 essay scholarships I have due this weekend…problem with the spurts of energy is they die out quickly and usually after you have only begun to think about doing something. So here I am still sick, not trying to throw a pity party though, just have come to interesting realizations while being sick. Mainly, we have amazing bodies. So many times I was surprised the body hadn’t just given up yet but no my body continues to fight. It really made me start thinking about more serious illnesses and how our body fights as long as possible, until it just can’t fight anymore. Some people are able to withstand a lot of suffering and can eventually get through while others’ bodies just give up. I hate to bring a fictional book into a serious thought but in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, by Stieg Larsson, one of the doctors makes a comment that has kind of stuck with me. He says something along the lines of, a doctor always does his best to save every person, some people with minor problems die while others with more severe situations may survive. At some point it seems it comes down to whether the body has anything left to give. Or is it also whether the person still has something to accomplish in their life or maybe they haven’t said their proper goodbyes? So many times you hear stories of where someone held on until they were able to say goodbye to their loved ones. Or there was a woman who wanted to live until she was 92, which she succeeded and then died soon after her birthday.

We all have a drive for something. Let’s go after it for as long as possible. We don’t know when our time will come. It may be tomorrow or it may be we get to live as long as 92 like that older woman. She had a goal and she made it. What’s your goal?

Now that you have made it through my philosophical thoughts (ps: it may be the meds talking) I must reward you…how about a malt shake. I am sick. Shakes might not be the “best.” But I want what I want 🙂

Malt Shake (for two)

4 LARGE scoops of ice cream
3/4-1 cup milk
6+ T. malt

Moms are pretty much the best thing when you’re sick…and fortunately for me, I live close to mine so I am hanging out at her house today…and well she has the old school blender but it’s still kicking.

Today I used Alden’s Peanut Butter n’ Chip Ice Cream for my malt shake. Now this is kind of expensive ice cream (it’s organic) but it is the best if you are a peanut butter lover. It has huge chunks of peanut butter swirled in a chocolate chip ice cream…yep I know you are drooling now 🙂

Swirly Malt Shake…alright so I just thought this picture looked cool. It has nothing to do with the quality of the shake. After I put four LARGE scoops of ice cream and milk in the blender, I added malt until I was satisfied…now I put 6 tablespoons but this isn’t necessarily something you need to measure. I more so just pour some in because you can never have too much malt 🙂 I enjoyed my Swirly Malt Shake with momma’s famous messy peanut butter and honey banana sandwich.


5 responses to “A Thought to Bite

  1. Sorry to hear you were so unwell. Forget the drugs, I reckon the restorative powers of a malted millkshake and peanut butter/honey banana sambo are definitely the way to go!!! 🙂

    • ha ha yes they were! The malted milkshake was so yummy!! It use to be that there were certain foods you should eat while you are sick…I say eat what you are craving!

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