a muse: Feeling like a Little Kid on Christmas Morning, Got First “Like” From Fellow Blogger

Receiving my first “like” from a fellow blogger (who has far more readers than me) felt like being a kid waking up on Christmas morning… I felt like I was on a sugar high…I got the “beginner blogger high.” Being a first time blogger makes me have those innocent excitements at the littlest thing….I’m excited each time I receive just one more follower or get a comment…even if it is from my mom!

And that feeling you get as a kid while you’re lying in bed the night before Christmas, you can’t stop thinking…you barely fall asleep because your imagining all the shiny presents under the tree, wondering what toys you will get…that new purple bike with the pink streamers on the handlebars that you’ve been wanting all year. I have had these similar thoughts every night since I started my blog…except now my mind is racing with ideas on what to post. I try to close my eyes and stop thinking but I am overjoyed at the thought of my blog! Who would have thought something as simple as this could give this kind of anticipation?

I’m sure all the “old” time bloggers are reading this laughing…or reminiscing about all the feelings they had when they first started. I am the new kid on the block…or really the new kid on the web.


3 responses to “a muse: Feeling like a Little Kid on Christmas Morning, Got First “Like” From Fellow Blogger

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  2. I’m not an old time blogger yet, about 6 months, but I remember the first like I received and the first comments and how excited I was. I still get excited, and I still love to receive comments! I’m sure the old time bloggers are not laughing … because we all began somewhere and we all remember that awesome feeling! So now, you have another like and another comment! Great post! 🙂

  3. You know, I have only been blogging for 8 months and it still has yet to become old for me. Not like 8 months is a long time anyway but the novelty of it all gets more and more intense. In fact, the vision has become greater than I first expected/envisioned. How exciting for you to be in this place. May you hold onto this feeling for as long as you blog! xo

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