Simple Salsa

Salsa is definitely one of my favorite foods and a food that I love to experiment with. I like all different kinds of salsa from medium-heat packed with lots of flavor to a more heated salsa but not too hot! I like to still taste my food 🙂 There are some really great local salsas that can be found at Whole Foods but I have a hard time spending the extra money for good salsa. Instead, I like to make my own or in this case I am going to give you a little recipe for a simple and cheap salsa. Pace…I know it might seem absurd that I am recommending it but Pace makes a great salsa base and it can be dressed up very nicely. I recently added chopped up cilantro and jalapeño to medium Pace and it turned out quite tasty for the price 🙂 It gives it a fresh and more flavorful taste.

Great for:  Parties, small gatherings, game night, Superbowl Sunday
Tasty with: Corn tortilla chips, fried flour tortillas, a rice and bean burrito


Pace Salsa (I usually use medium)
Jalapeño (chopped finely)

I would start with one jalapeño, taste it, and then add more if you are looking for a hotter salsa. You can’t really ever have too much cilantro…add until it is of desired taste or until you’re tired of picking and chopping the leaves…that’s what I do 🙂

If you are interested in different salsa recipes keep checking back….there will be more.


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